Redefining Li-ion Manufacturing


The Energy vs. Power Tradeoff

All batteries face the inherent tradeoff between energy and power, the difference between storing enough energy and delivering it fast enough. Until now, industries have faced this challenge by designing around these constraints. However, today's Li-ion technology is still far from delivering the energy and power required for several market segments, and a drastic push in the entire performance envelope is desperately needed.
Energy vs. power tradeoff


We have developed a breakthrough manufacturing process for making key components in the Li-ion battery. This allows us to push the energy and power performance envelope like never before. With our scaled-up, low-cost manufacturing process, we are taking a fundamentally different approach to engineer batteries with unparalleled performance.

We are taking a fundamentally different approach to engineer batteries with unparalleled performance.

Our Team

Charudatta Galande, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO
Charu is a materials scientist with over 6 years of diverse experience in areas ranging from electrochemical device designs to materials physics. He has worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory between 2010 to 2013. Charu holds a PhD in Materials Science from Rice University and a BS in Materials Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.
Neelam Singh, PhD
Co-Founder & CTO
Neelam is a materials scientist with over 6 years of experience in Li-ion battery research. Her primary expertise is in the development of Li-ion batteries and supercapacitor architectures and their methods of fabrication. Neelam holds a PhD in Materials Science from Rice University, a MS in Materials for Energy Storage Conversion from University Picarde Jules Verne in France, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from HBTI, Kanpur in India.
Adrian Yao
Co-Founder, VP Engineering
Adrian is an engineer specializing in hardware systems design and automation with a materials engineering background. He is driving manufacturing equipment prototype developments and process engineering efforts at BDS. Adrian holds a BS in Materials Engineering from Rice University.
Annette Finsterbusch
Executive Chairman
Annette was the founder and Senior Investment Director of the venture arm of Applied Materials, where she sourced, led, syndicated, and managed Applied’s strategic investments and execution from 2004 to 2011. She was also CEO of two successful venture-backed technology companies. Annette brings strong board-leadership, with experience from hi-tech startups and non-profits, including the National Science Foundation where she serves on the SBIR advisory committee.
Donald R. Kendall, Jr.
Board Member
Don is the founding Managing Director and the CEO of Kenmont, an investment management firm specializing in alternative energy investments and private equity. With extensive experience and background in cleantech, Don’s activities are concentrated heavily in the energy, alternative energy, and clean fuel technologies and transportation industries. He currently also sits on the board of Solar City,


We are an early-stage startup with an engineering facility established in the NASA Johnson Space Center. With our breakthrough high-throughput manufacturing technology, we have enabled a new generation of Li-ion batteries pushing the boundaries of performance to solve key challenges across multiple industries.
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